October 6th and 7th, 2018

This is our annual missions conference. Ministers and missionaries are encouraged to attend and also apply to have an exhibitor's table to represent your ministry.

This year's theme is "Be the Voice!" and is based on John 1:23, John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, 'I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”

Keynote speaker this year is Carlos Sarmiento, founder and director of Orlando House of Prayer. Carlos spent 9 years working under Benny Hinn in Orlando, 5 years traveling the globe on his own as a missionary evangelist, another 4 years pastoring a church he planted in Central FL, and for the last 10 or so with Orlando House of Prayer, which for several of those years was 24/7 with live worship and prayer. He has written several books, is a sought-after conference speaker, and understands missions and the need for prayer intimately. He will definitely be a source of encouragement to all of you who can attend!

If you are interested in being a part of the Global Impact Conference, please email our Missions Pastor, Pastor Barry, at barry@newhopepalmharbor.com



Mary Beth Maifeld

Youth With A Mission | El Paso - Juarez

Mary Beth has served with Youth With A  Mission, also known as “Y-WAM”, an International,  interdenominational Christian missions organization since January 1994.  She became the  Director of Youth With A Mission El Paso-Juárez in May 2004.  Mary Beth  oversees all the aspects of the ministry on  both sides of the border including Rancho Los Amigos’ children’s home in Juárez, all outreaches including a Christian elementary school, medical clinics, kid’s club, soccer camps & teen outreaches.  She also oversees all international outreaches and missionary, Bible training schools and a month-long Intensive Spanish Language School.  Mary Beth’s call is to work with Spanish speaking people and to see Hispanic missionaries raised up to go into the least evangelized part of the world.  She feels as Director El Paso-Juárez helps her to fulfill the call of God on her life.

Please pray:

  • That God will give me the wisdom, grace, knowledge, and understanding to lead the staff and make wise decisions for the ministry and that I will always look to Him.
  • For grace as I care for my aging mother.
  • Continued protection, safety, provision, staff, and resources for the ministry.
  • Finances necessary to complete building the New Children’s Home in 2015.

Website:                www.ywamepj.org
Email                     note2mb@aol.com

Office Phone       (915) 757-3387

Address                4444 Edgar Park Avenue | El Paso, TX 79904


Sandra Poor

Youth With A Mission | Southeast Asia

Sandra has been in SE Asia since 1994 in the ministry of church planting, which I also did in the Dominican Republic.  My area of ministry is church planting, and I am part of a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) team which at present is only me and another woman in this city with a family in the next city over.  Two other couples are wanting to join us but with the influx of  Syrians coming in and ISIS sending people into Turkey via Hatay, we have been told that no resident permits, new or renewed, will be given out.  How long this will be is not known. Turkey which was predominately Christians is now the most unreached nation in the world and is a key player in the end times.  Therefore, it is extremely important to reach them now.  It is a very hard area with only half a percent Christian with a population of more than 75 million people.  Prayer is much needed.

Please pray:

  • Hearts will be openes to hear the Good News that Jesus loves them, in a Muslim nation.
  • My ability to become a Turkish citizen as I have 20 years here.  This will not affect my American citizenship.
  • The women doctors with whom I am having conversations, that their hearts will be open to hearing and accepting God.
  • Unity between our churches here.  We are all helping Syrian refugees,
  • Wisdom and protection against ISIS.  We cannot distinguish who is a true refugee and who is ISIS, but God knows.


Richard & Margaret Greene

Keystone Project | Keystone, South Dakota

The Greenes now reside in Keystone, South Dakota (home of Mt. Rushmore). This is now home to our ministry headquarters. Richard continues to travel leading disciple-making movement seminars to pastors and leaders globally. Twice a year these month long seminars are held here in Keystone. During the summer months, college age students come as interns in discipleship training and work in the hospitality business to win international students to Christ. (This area fills up with international students who come to work for the summer). 

Please pray:

  • Protection and safety as many of the places Richard travels are sensitive. 
  • Our family's health as the work and ministry are physically demanding.
  • That God will continue to allow Richard to go, and internationals to come here to hear this life changing message.

Contact us at: email : richard@keystoneproject.org

Website: www.keystoneproject.org


The Chand Family

Forefront Mission | India

Dinesh and Rachael founded Foredfront Mission in 1998, with a mission to plant churches by raising up local pastors and leaders. Forefront is based in the least-evangelized state of India and one of the most-Hindu-dominated areas of the world. Forefront has trained over 100 pastors, and in the last 17 years they've planted over 125 churches throughout five North Indian States. More than 50,000 people have been reached with the Gospel, and about 25,000 now worship weekly!

There are mini Bible colleges, home groups, a sewing center, literacy centers, and many many outreach programs, leadership conferences, seminars and camps.

US Mailing Address: Forefront Mission | PO Box 16713 | Clearwater, FL  33766
US Phone: (727) 475-1915

Website: www.forefrontmission.com


Sondra Livermore

Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) | Central & South America

Sondra lives in Mimbres Valley, New Mexico and works in Central & South America as a full time missionary with Commission to Every Nation (CTEN), raising funds to help Latin pastors with outreach projects and ministry to their communities.  She also partners with Indigenous Training Ministries (ITM), establishing and maintaining Christian Training Centers (CTCs) with the purpose of educating pastors and leadership. 

Sondra lived in Latin America for 15 years, primarily in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. During that time one of the deepest needs she saw was education of Christian workers, pastors, and leadership. Many of the pastors have no Bible education or training -- they received Christ as their personal savior, and began ministering to those around them. There is a lack of training or study for young people desiring to be in full time ministry. Sondra's main focus with Indigenous Training Ministries (ITM) is to establish contact with pastors, organizations, or denominations in Latin America that are interested in running a Bible college.

CTEN has opened up the opportunity for Sondra to initate and raise funds for projects to help pastors participating in the CTC's with the different calls and visions God has put on their hearts.  Sondra is raising funds for Christian elementary schools in Managua, and projects for the children in the Managua city dump.  Sondra currently helps to coordinate funding for a feeding center on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua.  And will continue to assist with teams and projects as the Lord opens doors and provides finances.

eMail: sondralive@gmail.com

Website: sondrasnews.org

Address: HC 68 Box 3698 | Mimbres, NM 88049


  • Finances for a trip to Nicaragua in December. I’ll be teaching at Christian Training Centers (Indigenous Training Ministries).
  • Religious Visa into Russia for a trip in April.  I’ll be teaching at the first two weeks of a brand new Bible College. I’m finding out that the laws in Russia changed drastically this summer for Christians.  They are only allowed to talk about God in specified Church properties.  Not even allowed to ask someone to church while standing in their own home.
  • Prayer for a family member who has dealt with some tragedy and struggles in last few years. Doing very well right now -- please pray as he finds his long term solutions in Jesus.


Terry & Marilyn Weaver

Elim Fellowship Missions | Germany

Terry & Marilyn are ordained pastors with Elim Fellowship Missionaries. For 18 years, their work was centered on Bible schools and church planting in Tanzania and Kenya, until a few years ago when God redirected them to minister in Germany, working with a group of churches called "Mosaik". Germany draws people from throughout Europe and also from many Muslim countries. In 2015, Germany agreed to accept 800,000 asylum-seekers before the end of that year.

Marilyn teaches women in the Mosaik center, counsels women, and holds seminars and conferences in churches. Terry teaches apologetics seminars, classes, and home groups. They also use the Jesus film to present the Gospel to the Muslim immigrants. Preparations are under way for a pastoral/leadership training center.

eMail:  tnmweavermissions@gmail.com and marilynkayweaver@gmail.com


  • New cell group we are forming in Oberursel beginning October 22nd.
  • Second week forming “harp n bowl” (intercession mixed into worship) prayer Monday night.
  • Iranian cell groups to grow! Currently we have two couples which we know will really help lead the movement among Iranian people. 


Tenney & Pam Olsen

International House of Prayer Tallahassee Mission Base | Tallahassee, Florida

In 2005, Pastors Tenney and Pam founded the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Tallahassee, Florida (now the third-largest state in the US, popluation-wise). They serve as directors and are driven by God's desire to awaken America and use Florida as a "rudder" that will steer the nation back to God! America is at a massive tipping point -- something must be done!

The solution to our problems will only come from Heaven. God's divine remedy has always been released through prayer. "If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

eMail: tenney@ihoptallahassee.org and pam@ihoptallahassee.org

Website: www.ihoptallahassee.org



Barry & Tracy Sullivan

Oldsmar House of Prayer | Oldsmar, Florida

Barry & Tracy have ministered in the Tampa Bay area for more than 20 years. They planted a church in Oldsmar in 2002, and in 2005 God began speaking to them about establishing a House of Prayer in the city. Not knowing what that would look like or how it would function, they put the idea on hold and pursued other things God laid before them, eventually ending up serving at the International House of Prayer in Tallahassee, Florida.

In 2015, God called them back to the Tampa Bay area where they have established the Oldsmar House of Prayer. They desire to partner with the Lord's heart for what He wants to do in our region, through intercessory worship and prophetic impartation. "OHOP" is a corporate gathering place for the Church, and a place for all Believers from around the community to gather, and pursue and encounter the Lord.

Phone: (813) 382-2866

eMail: info@oldsmarhop.org

Website: www.OldsmarHOP.org


  • Pray for open doors with pastors in our area, that they will see the benefit of having this ministry of prayer.
  • Pray for guidance to find a location in Oldsmar for a permanent prayer room, and the finances to support it.